50 Thoughts I Had Whilst Watching Episode One of Marvel’s Jessica Jones

I watched the first episode of Marvel’s Jessica Jones. It was brilliant. Please note, the following list contains spoilers for the show (obviously).

  1. Cool theme music, very old school detective show.
  2. Krysten Ritter. Love her.
  3. Wait is David Tennant in this? I didn’t know that.
  4. “New York may be the city that never sleeps, but it sure does sleep around.” The people in Hell’s Kitchen sure seem to.
  5. Why is everything so dark? Is New York having a blackout or something?
  6. You are going to regret breaking that door Jessica.
  7. Is David Tennant the bad guy? Please tell me he is not the bad guy.
  8. I love that Jessica is so over her super strength, like it is the biggest inconvenience in her day to day life.
  9. Is the broken door thing going to become a running gag?
  10. Yeah, stop with the door Bob.
  11. I would have killed the GoPro too if someone was filming me all the time.
  12. Stop being so rude, car guy. Bad karma is so coming your way.
  13. I told you bad karma was coming your way.
  14. “Laser eyes”, how did you fall for that?
  15. I’m loving the strong female lead here. Took you long enough Marvel.
  16. Seriously Tennant, stop.
  17. Jessica is me if I had superpowers. Disgruntled and sarcastic.
  18. Hello bar guy.
  19. Go with the hot bar guy Jessica.
  20. No seriously, I love this bar guy.
  21. Apparently, so do you Jessica. Good for you.
  22. Wow, you look a little broken.
  23. Honestly, how you didn’t throw up before now is a miracle given how much you drink.
  24. Trish (billboard lady), you look a little too happy on those posters.
  26. Yes restaurant guy, he is probably coming back. That’s why she is having a flashback.
  27. Why are you going to Hong Kong? He’s got mind control, he can totally get to you in Hong Kong.
  28. That lawyer is having an affair. As if there aren’t enough morally questionable people in this show already.
  29. Speaking of, Malcolm, dude, don’t steal TVs.
  30. I want to meet Channing Tatum too Zack. Also nice cardigan.
  31. Jessica, let me introduce you to a magical thing called a door. Maybe use them sometimes.
  32. Who is this billboard lady to you Jessica?
  33. It’s not her PTSD billboard lady, he is back.
  35. The police definitely can’t help with this Trish.
  36. This is so beautifully film noir with the lighting and the saxophone and all. Love it.
  37. This place looks a little grungy for the doorman.
  38. Jess looks pissed off guys.
  39. Can we call her Jess? Is that allowed?
  40. “You missed me.” OMG TENNANT NO STOP.
  41. That girl is dead. She is so dead. Opening of SVU girl in her underwear on a bed dead.
  42. Or maybe not.
  44. “You don’t know.” Trust me, she definitely knows.
  45. Why are you sending her to Omaha? We just established that Hong Kong is still probably not far enough.
  46. No! Don’t shoot your parents! STOP!
  47. Could her smile be any creepier?
  48. Jessica looks so angry.
  49. Oh, she’s definitely not going to Hong Kong now.
  50. I’m definitely watching the next episode.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones is available on Netflix now.


© Hayley New 2015


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