A Neon Summer Dream Sequence

A Review of Troye Sivan’s YOUTH Music Video

The anticipation that builds with the announcement of a Troye Sivan music video release is beyond palpable across online spaces. As someone who only occasionally listens to Sivan’s music, even I know it is hard to resist its pull, its inescapable youthful exuberance. Sivan’s music captures a unique moment where youth and young people are given freedom to create and successfully capture the feeling of a widespread audience.

Troye Sivan’s YOUTH music video, which debuted on Vevo today, hit the mark once again. Taken from his debut album Blue Neighbourhood, YOUTH is a soft yet bright track that glows with the promise of golden summers and immense emotion. It is more than a pop or dance song. It is an explosion of joy and heartbreak and the sweetness of summer afternoons spent drinking pink lemonade. It is the feeling of never wanting to grow up beyond this moment of feeling infinitely happy, even with the knowledge that the inevitable must happen. But just not quite yet.

Moving away from the melancholy of Sivan’s recent trilogy of Blue Neighbourhood music videos, YOUTH itself is radiant with light, a neon summer dream sequence of young people glowing in the dying light of day, catching themselves in brightly coloured pinks, blues and purples as they let loose in a house party that is borne out of immense feelings of nostalgia. The space of the video doesn’t seem real, and yet somehow it captures the exact internal space of the young person’s imagination. It feels like youth feels. Its bright effervescence is infectious and I can’t help but find myself entranced by the warm glow of it all.

Sivan’s dancing in a mess of fairy lights exudes the whimsy of a young people letting themselves be, without worry or judgement, dancing by themselves in their rooms or with their friends. He lays in a pillow fort, holding hands with a boy (the presumed love interest) in a sea of Care Bears (oh the nostalgia). But this love story isn’t just about this one boy. It is about a community. Sivan moves amongst this group of young people, laughing and dancing and smiling and kissing, with a wide smile, a sense of relaxed comfort on his face, as though this space is exactly what youth is meant to be – a safe space for expression and youthful light.

It does not escape me that this video does complete justice for Sivan and his journey from the YouTube community to international music star. He created a music video for his audience, the same audience that sits at their computers to watch his vlogs, the same audience that he constantly encourages to be courageous and live their best lives, to express themselves and be comfortable in their own skin.

“My youth is yours” chants Sivan, repeating it like a mantra. The bright sparks of wild friendships and delicious daydreams sing through the video and I cannot help but believe him. This bright sparkling youth is a delight, a fantasy that somehow encapsulates the exact brilliance of young people in all their creative beauty.

Both aesthetically and emotionally beautiful, I can say with ease that Sivan has triumphed once again with this exquisite piece of glowing neon art, in all its bright decadence and fancy.


Watch Troye Sivan’s YOUTH now.


© Hayley New 2016


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