A Furious Dance Party

My Thoughts on the WALK THE MOON Live Album You Are Not Alone

It seems that overnight, my twitter feed has turned into a shrine to the musical brilliance of WALK THE MOON, as their live album, You Are Not Alone has been released online.

You Are Not Alone is that rare thing, a live album that really truly captures the feeling of being at a music gig. WALK THE MOON’s infectious brilliance rings so bright and true throughout the album and I was instantly transported back to my first WALK THE MOON gig a few weeks ago, a night I would easily call one of the very best of my life. This album made me feel the exact feeling of that night, I was filled with light all over again. It made me nostalgic for these magic moments.

I think the true magic of the album is its flow. There are no moments of sharp disruptive pause, each song melds perfectly into the next, connected by authentic interludes, meditations and speeches. It is a WALK THE MOON gig in my bedroom, in my car, on my train journeys. It is pure happiness wherever and whenever I need it.

WALK THE MOON is a band that shines best in live music spaces, so it is no surprise that their choice to release this live album was a brilliant one. As someone who historically has never been a fan of live albums, I was worried about how I would receive the release of this album. I love WALK THE MOON, I love the way their music makes me feel. So I was worried that recording and releasing the experience in album form would somehow remove the unique feel of their concerts, would make it feel less intensely personal and celebratory, somehow less moving in its mass market accessibility. Boy was I wrong.

You Are Not Alone made me feel like I was in that moment of carefree dance madness that the WALK THE MOON gig in Sydney was for me. It brought me back to standing in front of Nicholas Petricca and thanking him for the gift that his music is for me, thanking him for bringing technicolour joy into my best and worst moments, thanking him for making me feel like I was not alone.


Anyone who knows me, or has the misfortune of following me on social media knows how much I love WALK THE MOON and how excited I was to see this band that I love so much.

I love that these four grown men wear face paint every night on stage and act like the amazingly talented goofballs they are, that they wear their face paint as a badge of honour and encourage their fans to be a thoughtful and brilliantly expressive community. WALK THE MOON is all about taking the opportunity to express how you feel while singing at the top of your lungs and dancing like a crazy person without fear of judgement. I love that complete strangers come together to celebrate this feeling.

I have never danced as hard or sung as loud at any concert I have been to in my life as I did at WALK THE MOON.

For me, You Are Not Alone, is a gift of inexpressible magnitude. And it would seem that so many people feel the same about it.


In a letter that the band released on Twitter alongside their album, the band said:

“If you have seen us in concert, you know: the live show is the centre of the WALK THE MOON universe. It is the one part of our day when we get to send our Rock ‘n’ Roll LASERBEAM directly from our head-heart-spirit into yours…

After all, this show – this music – doesn’t exist without you.

It is our sincerest hope that you crank this music so LOUD your neighbours come knocking and when you open the door their anger spontaneously turns into a furious dance party.”

And that is exactly what WALK THE MOON’s music does, it turns all your anger and frustration and disappointment into a furiously epic dance party. You can’t help but dance and sing and scream your raw emotion into the air as you listen to their music, whether at a concert or whilst listening to You Are Not Alone. Because that’s what this music does, it reminds you that you are not alone at all.

You are part of a great big community of people who feel just as intensely as you do. And WALK THE MOON help you celebrate that.





© Hayley New 2016


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