This poem is the first in the ‘Involuntary’ poetry cycle. The remaining two poems in the cycle will be published on INWORDSANDINK soon.

An invisible man keeps kicking me
in the chest,
right under my ribs,
pushing air from my lungs
in vengeful misdeed,
the loud catch of it
echoing through my throat,
my ears,
the room.
Eyes turn and ears prick up.
The invisible man laughs
and kicks again.
My body ricochets with the force
of yet another kick
and another.
I try to drown him.
As the water pours down my throat
I feel him wriggle,
attempting to avoid the torrent,
the squirming uncomfortable in my chest.
I continue to drink.
Soon enough, he stops.
Somewhere inside, his brother wakes,
revenge in his eyes
and set in his heart,
biding his time
until he too takes a swing
at my insides.


© Hayley New 2016


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