The Sea

The sea

staring with unblinking eyes,

sucking on the bleached bones

of driftwood skeletons

stripped and mangled

and thrown against the shore

sticky with sand.


The sea

nibbling on the toes

of feet that are too cold

for the ocean to keep

in its mouth

for more than a moment

at a time.


The sea

licking at her skin,

washing her of the grime

of two tides ago,

slipping its gums

across her hair,

staining them seaweed

and shell.


The sea

chopping at her memories

of brilliant midnight blue,

scattering them in salt

and swallowing them whole

for safe keeping

with other sinking objects.


The sea

shining bright against the moon,

slinking slowly forward,

teeth glistening,

devouring god’s lost objects

strewn across the shore.


© Hayley New 2016


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