INWORDSANDINK is a blog invested in creativity. Home to original creative work, essays, book and film reviews, and open to the ever-widening opportunities the creative community offers, INWORDSANDINK, endeavours to create a space to regularly connect with artists, writers and publishers.

At present, this blog is home to original creative work, essays and reviews.

For any inquiries, please email inwordsandink@gmail.com.


Hayley New is a twentysomething writer and editor who is avidly interested in the way in which creativity influences everyday moments and experiences. She can be found writing short opinion pieces, poetry, and reviews at inwordsandink.wordpress.com, tweeting about great art as @haylesnew on Twitter, or curled up in bed with a book and her dogs.




INWORDSANDINK is an independently run site and is not affiliated with any other company, business or individual. All opinions and thoughts shared on INWORDSANDINK are my own and are not reflective of any company, business or individual other than myself unless expressly stated otherwise. All copyright for the content on INWORDSANDINK belongs to Hayley New unless expressly stated otherwise.


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